Friday, 8 June 2018

I am addicted to sleeping with Ashawo Nigerian man Cries Out For Help

Several youths are secretly battling addictions ranging from drugs, s*x, Ashawo’s, smoking etc but just a few have the effrontery to come out like this man hear.
According to him he needs practical help to overcome his  struggle against the use of ashawo’s.
The story below was shared on one of the most popular online forums in Nigeria as a way of seeking help for the concerned person from netizens:

“I need practical help to overcome my struggle against the use of Ashawo. I picked up this terrible habit shortly after my graduation from university sometime in 2012 and it is a vice that has wrecked my life.  The last success was 13 months without any s*xual involvement with any one before i had a sad event in my life that made me go back to my vomit.
Any body with practical advice should please come up with it.. yesterday I went down on my knees again to ask him to give me another chance to fix my life for good. But I really need to take practical actions as faith without work is dead.
I have an amazing future but this lifestyle may cut it off if don’t fight it headlong.  I am 30+ old man that really wish to settle down but not until I quit this habit that has disconnected me from God as well as made my life miserable.  I am from a Christian background.”

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